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Why the Nicene Creed makes me mad

I've made it a mission to find a church to go to for community, love, song and prayer. I've gone to a mass and sermon so far that were, on the whole, wonderful. Still, in each, I have been fit to be tied after hearing this damn Nicene Creed. My problem is the exclusive tone of the creed. Phrases like 'true god', 'one church' and 'one baptism' drive me bananas. Each and everyone of us in the church is supposed to swear by that oath. It makes me feel like a kindergartner mindlessly reciting the pledge of allegiance.

When I think about it, I don't believe in the exclusive propaganda that the Nicene Creed espouses. From where I sit, it's antithetical to the embracing spirit of love and humility Jesus preached. He spent most of his time with 'outcasts', reminded us that we were all brothers and sisters, and told us to judge not lest we be judged ourselves. The Nicene Creed sounds more like the dogmatic, closed, and self-righteous beliefs espoused by the pharisees than anything Jesus was talking about.

You see, I don't believe that I am part of some holy chosen people or that I would be fit to decide so if I were. I want to find a weekly gathering that promotes love, improvement, humility, and kindness sans this self-aggrandizing righteousness. Trouble is that this Nicene Creed is a foundational oath in the Christian churches of the world. So unless someone can enlighten me I am stuck exploring other religions to find a way to weekly exercise my faith.



James Stieglitz said...

It is my understanding that there are some denomonations who also are not cool with that exclusivity. Maybe check out quakers. Or Universalists or something like that.

Heidi K. said...

The Nicene Creed is from the First Council of Nicaea which was called to clarify and define the true beliefs of Christianity. There was confusion esp. in regards to the Arian Heresy which basically contradicted the Trinity. So the Nicene Creed is mainly trying to clarify what Christians believe in regards to the Trinity. Yes it does clarify a few other aspects that the fathers of the Church thought needed to be in there too. I would encourage you and anyone else to look into the history and beliefs before condemning this or any other aspect of faith. In the Catholic Church there is always very deep understandings and reasons behind her teachings. You seem to be looking for truths so don’t just stop with a Creed which is a short statment of beliefs, without the explanations behind those beliefs. I learn more and more the deeper I delve into the Catholic faith, and see the beauty of it, and how I am called to be a better person if I am to truly be a loving daughter of God. Yes, God, through the Catholic Church does call us forth to love more.