Comments, Questions?

My request for affirmation

It's wonderful writing the Technobum blog. It's made better by knowing that people read it. I know from my adsense reports that I'm getting daily visitors. (I've earned a whopping $5 in ad revenue or about $00.01/hr, which I think qualifies me as a professional writer.)

My favorite form of feedback is commentary. It lets me know that you are reading and perhaps even enjoying my work, and moreover gives me a little insight into what you think about it. So for all those who think of comments, but don't leave them, please do. I'd love to know what your thinking.

The process is easy, just click on the button below the post that says '0 comments'. You don't have to sign in, just write in the big box and decipher the squiggly letters to let them know your not some evil robot, then presto, you've expressed your entirely worthy opinion to the world and made my day ever so much better. Kudos to you.



Johnny said...

No question, but I want you to see this.

Lynsee Melchi said...

YO! I'm reading and my mom is don't cry ;) PS: Someone at the airport recognized my from my hot is that?