Hemodialysis in the Home

Learn to perform advanced medical procedures in your spare time

Do you suffer from chronic abdominal pains, severe osteoarthritis or advanced depression? Are you waiting to see a Democrat in the White House to get that Colonoscopy, Joint Replacement, or Electroshock Therapy you deserve. Wait no longer. Dr's RU will train you to perform these procedures and more in your spare time and in the comfort of your own home.

Dr's RU is a board certified private corporation dedicated to providing training and guidance to small scale medical practitioners. Dr's RU will teach you everything you need to know to perform hundreds of medical procedures ranging from 'beginner' operations such as Hysterectomies, Cortisone Injections, and Routine Blood Tests to 'advanced' surgical processes including Total Hip Replacement, Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting, and many more.

Using our easy to follow guide, 'Dr. in a Day', you can master complex medical procedures in days... not weeks. Having received step by step instructions to cure a myriad of human ailments, you will be able to save thousands and earn spare cash, by performing operations on yourself, friends, co-workers, and loved ones.

Did you know that for thousands of years humans have survived without doctors, performing procedures like child-birth, limb setting and skull drilling. In today's world few would consider having these 'dangerous' operations performed without the 'educated' oversight of medical 'professionals'. But believe you me, I've known doctors, I've worked with doctors, I've had friends who were doctors and they were none of them more competent than the average Joe Selfhelp. The undue faith our society puts in its trained medical practitioners is the consequence of a long history of professional deception which unwinds like a silk thread if you just follow the money.

Ask yourself:
Who benefits from medical care?
Why does everyone need insurance?
What is it that doctors work so hard for?
How come more people are sick now than in the history of man?

A look at the line up produced by these increasingly long questions identifies the usual suspects: insurance and big pharma. Insurance companies bleed naive consumers of money like a lumberjack tapping a maple tree. They boil this sap to a sweet crude which they pour generously over the buttery pancakes of pharmaceutical boards of directors. The insurers make money, pharma eats well and doctors go 'we we we all the way home'.

At this point you are likely to be saying: "Sure Ben, I've heard this all before. But what can I do about it?"

The answer to your insightful question is simple, stop the cycle. Educate yourself, let Dr's RU educate you and learn to perform these costly medical procedures on your own.

Did you know an MRI machine is little more than a toaster and television set? Did you know that the most powerful anesthetics can be harvested from plants growing behind your garage. Were you aware that a stomach pump is little more than a vacuum tube sterilized in ethanol.

You'll learn these cost saving tips and 1000's more with our exclusive title - "MacGyver Yourself to Health" our free gift to you with inquiry into our program. Earn even more money by transferring your skills to animals by studying our 'Veterinary Appendix'. Best of all if you are not completely satisfied we will issue a sincere handwritten letter of apology. You can't loose.

To inquire and receive your 'FREE' starter kit simply send $25 in cash to:
Dr's. RU
Care of Benjamin Haley
5505 Stonewall Ave
Downers Grove, IL

and get on the fast road to self-health recovery.