I get by with a little help from my friends

Shout outs to some good people

You want to talk about cool? So do I.

So I composed a little list of some wonderful and little-known places on the web made by friends of mine. These sites might not make it to the top of search results, but they've made it to the top of my heart. If you want me to post a link to your awesome website, then give me a write, but it better be awesome, mind you, I won't link to just anything...

If you don't know a James Stieglitz, you might give it a try. Its a pleasure to know a man like James. He's quick with a joke, a story, or the news. James is a little bit of everything and he's spending this portion of his life adventuring across this wide world of ours and the Chi-town bar scene to explore the places dreams are made of. He's got a poet's soul and a little website that reflects it. Also, if you do know James, there are probably some pictures posted that will be of great interest to you.

Chris Macrander is another fine-sort of fellow. He'll delight you with a wide and deep bed of knowledge and a realiable sense of self-efficiacy. Chris is a grade school teacher, now and I can tell you from my heart that he is one of the good ones. This guy could be be making a 6 digit income and instead is keeping 5 digits on a piece of chalk to better the future of our world. Damn, even I'm inspired, now.

Dave Paunesku... well lets just say he's one of three people I know that actually gives a shit about the rules. Really, if I was stuck choosing to save people people from a fire Dave would be one of the top three non-family members I'd go for first, that is if it wasn't for the fact that Dave would certainly have put out the fire himself and be saving me by then. In addition to collaborating with me on revolutionizing scientific publishing Dave with his friend Robert have managed to produce an internet education hub , IBEC, where you can view top quality lectures for free from your home. Quite a guy.

Last and not least, I want to testify for Ai-Guo Wu, a chemist who came to the Wololab from China. Ai-Guo is the tops; filled with spunk and spontaneity. He doesn't speak perfect English, but he makes up for this with song, dance, energy and enthusiasm. Plus, he has this little trick where instead of saying 'um' he says 'thank you'. Its very endearing and a good habit if you are ever in a foreign country. Anyway, Ai-Guo sent a plea to all of us about the news coverage in Tibet, asking that we listen for a bias in the media's coverage of China. I don't know enough about this issue to offer my own opinion, except that I am sure it is always worth hearing both sides of a story.

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