Arrival in Paradise

How I got my bearings and found happiness on the road

Last night I spent my final night in the park and though I am grateful to its hospitality, the rough covertness of it all is a welcome thing to shake off. I am now enjoying a two night reservation at San Elijo state park. But let me jump to the beginning of the story.

After a day at the Tapioca cafe in University City I made my way to the Coaster, which runs up the coast, of course. I arrived at the station not knowing if I could take my bike. Asking the security guard on site I found good news (I could), and went to purchase my ticket. Just then the train pulled up. The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

The Coaster had lots of room and big spacious seats, which I sank myself into, while looking west to see the sun setting over beautiful stretches of white beach. I arrived in Encinitas in no time and biked over to the 7-11. Inside, I found a fools fortune of cheap hot dogs and a condiment bar stacked to the 9's (they even had jalapenos). $1 and 2 hot dogs later I had directions to San Elijo.

I road down the mile or so to San Elijo State Beach, passing the smiling faces of bums, runners and millionaires. Arriving at San Elijo, the ranger was stunned I was coming in on bike and so were the people I camped next to. I guess I'm a rarity out here. I set up camp and walked over to the beach to see last of the sunset while about 20 surfers looked like seal lions paddling out in their body suits. A cool wind blew across me. Inside I was tingling with joy.

After a talk to mom and grandma I made my way to the coin operated showers at San Elijo and took my first warm shower since arrival. I felt like a young Mennonite at a peep show. I just kept popping in the quarters and letting out a soft moan. (hope the neighbors didn't think I was a freak).

Last, I curled up to an early bed time and ripples of pleasure shot through my body. I wish I could send that experience to the whole world. It was something like post coital arousal, which is apparently a feeling that is mirrored by post ascetic release.

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